The Second Fury of Gruumsh

Scene: A Disrupted Peace

What could this portend?

Date: 433R15N

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“We’ve spent decades trying to purify Ferricuse,” said one Eladrin wearing the green robes of the druidic circles, “of the magic that is tainting him, and all that work may very well have been undone this day.”

“You wasted your time,” said another Eladrin, clad in the blue of a scholar. “I informed the druids that their decision to shift Ferricuse periodically was unneccessary and dangerous, but naturally, you failed to listen.”

“Yes, well, ‘druids’ are apt to do what comes ‘naturally,’” said a third Eladrin in the red of a war wizard.

“Yes, puns, that will solve our issue here,” said the one in green. “Look at this mess. Poor Ferricuse must have taken some grievous wounds. Those adventurers are lucky Ferricuse was weakened by the purification ritual, or he would have killed them all.”

“What a tragedy that would have been,” said the one in blue. He viewed the garden with a fair amount of disdain. “What a needless waste of such a place, to be used as that beast’s cage.”

The Eladrin in green bristled. “You will not refer to Ferricuse as a beast! He is a noble creature, favored creation of Corellon! Before his becoming cursed, he was more intelligent than any Eladrin alive, so have some respect!”

The Eladrin in blue yawned. “Intensely interesting, I assure you. Having the same information crammed into my ears every day doesn’t grow tiring at all, I assure you.”

The Eladrin in red slammed his staff into the dirt, attempting to gain their attention. “If you two wouldn’t mind, I’ve found some tracks that will prove most useful in our search for the perpetrators.” He began scrawling letters and shapes on the ground around the footprint with pink chalk. “One of them was a Dwarf, clearly,” he said as he wrote. “I can still smell him. It also reeks of lizardkind and brimstone.”

“Why rely on scrying when you have that nose of yours,” said the one in green.

“Because I know not to rely on assumptions. I would hope you two would know that much as well.” He put away the chalk and rested his hands within two circles he had drawn on the ground. “I will begin the scrying now, so please pay attention.”

The footprint and the ground around it rippled, as if it were water a stone had recently been cast into. Slowly, colors and shapes began to swim into view, multiple figures sitting in a room. The image cleared and the three Eladrin could see four people seated around a table eating breakfast. Other figures were visible in the background, but their shapes were cloudy, indicating that they were not related to the incident they were inspecting. The four figures were a Tiefling, a Dragonborn, a Dwarf, and…

“Oh ho, now this is interesting,” said the one in blue.

“An Elf, eh?” said the one in green. “The fool does not comprehend the damage he has done, does he? What sort of Elf attacks something that gives off such powerful natural energy?”

“Perhaps he could not feel that energy,” said the one in blue.

“Any Elf that grows in the forest would be able to feel it. Perhaps he had lived in the cities for too long.”

“It seems they are heading west,’ said the one in red, “though their destination is unclear, even to they themselves.” The image rippled once more and returned to a footprint in the dirt. “The ritual’s power has waned.”

“This has all been very interesting,” said the one in blue, “but I have some mildly important research to do that is nonetheless far more important than this wild goose chase—Or wild dog/lizard chase, whatever the hell that thing is. Now, if you will excuse me.”

“I believe the deal was to help us find Ferricuse,” said the one in green, standing.

“Yes, that was the deal,” the blue one responded. “But that was before I realized how very boring it would be, so the deal is rescinded.” Before the others could respond, he vanished into the fey and was gone.

“Sometimes I think he is an Etmalin sent to destroy my life for some prior wrong I committed,” said the green one.

“That gives him quite the number of reasons to be after you then, doesn’t it?” said the red one. “Let us be off: there are more important things to tend to with Naze twenty approaching.

The green one nodded and smiled. “I believe I have the perfect plan to get rid of both of our problems at once.”



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