Lord Zeon's earthshaking hammer.

weapon (melee)


Cost: 225030GP
Military two-handed melee weapon
Damage: 2d6
Proficient: +2
Weight: 12 lb.

Hammer (A hammer has a blunt, heavy head with one or more flat striking surfaces attached to a haft.)


Battering Weapon +5
This legendary hammer rumbles with seismic power
Enhancement: +5 attack rolls and damage rolls
Power (Daily): Standard Action. Make a melee basic attack with this weapon against all enemies within a close blast 3


The famous hammer of Lord Adgronius Zeon.

When Lord Adgronius Zeon (at the time lacking the title of “Lord”) was a young Paladin under the employ of Lady Karridan, he received orders to clear out an ancient cave complex in Nuutson after several peasants complained of horrifying noises emitting from the caves at night. Zeon, however, spent days traversing the complex without finding a single creature inhabiting the caves. Lost and exhausted, he stumbled across an underground lake. Dipping in his hands to drink from these waters, he was overcome by drowsiness and collapsed. During his slumber, images of great battles and graphic slaughters assaulted his mind, in the midst of which was himself, crushing his faceless foes with a mighty hammer that glowed with the power of the gods.

Zeon awoke days later outside the entrance of the cave, the hammer lying on his chest. He knew it to be called Senmozar and took it as his own. Within a few short months, Lord Zeon would be one of the greatest heroes of humanity.


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