Powerful, Dextrous, Hateful

Estimated Average Height: 5’2” – 5’7”; minimum 4’5”; maximum 6’6”

Estimated Average Weight: 130-200 lbs

Estimated Average Lifespan: 1500 years

Assumed Language Fluency: Elven

“Drow” is a blanket term used for the dark cousins of the Elves, though technically they are split between the Drow and the Etmalin. The Etmalin are magical fighters much like the Eladrin, but the Drow tend to be warriors and assassins.

The Drow worship Lolth and Zehir, taking to heart their teachings of poison, shadow, and treachery. They are exceedingly dangerous and have long warred with their cousins, though their motives for doing so are often unclear; every time the Elves believe they understand why they fight the Drow, the Drow return with a new reason that shatters the current theories.

Humans tend to believe that the Drow have dark skin, thus why they are called “Dark Elves.” This is untrue, however; in appearance, they look identical to Elves in every way but dress and mannerisms, making it nearly impossible for Humans or other non-Elven races to tell the two apart. This is not too much of a problem as most Drow are too proud to lower their selves to impersonating their lesser kin.

The Drow, once very active and aggressive in seeking conflict with the Elves (see the Dark War), have not made an appearance in 50 years, an unnaturally long time frame, causing both relief and concern among their cousins.

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