Dungeon Master's Workshop

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Welcome to the Dungeon Master’s Workshop. Whereas elsewhere in the wiki articles are written as if fact, as if this wiki itself existed on Aden, here in the workshop is the work that goes in behind the scenes. In the workshop, I will write about my thought processes going into crafting creatures, dungeons, traps, storylines, events, player interactions with NPCs, the inspiration for the history of the world, and so on. In addition, I will put up whatever I feel like that is related to my adventures, such as loot roll charts I have crafted, characters that, due to the players’ actions, I was never able to introduce, and whatever else may pop into mind.

This area is still in the process of being set up, but hopefully will give some insight into how to be a DM and to craft adventures effectively. And, in the end, it might just be interesting.

This area is going to be VERY rough for a while, but I’ll get some method of organizing it later. Who knows, maybe disorganised is just the look this place benefits most from. We’ll see.

Loot Table of Lolth Temple

Standard Loot Table

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Dungeon Master's Workshop

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