Powerful, Ancient, Vicious

Estimated Average Height: 5’4” – 5’9”; minimum 4’8”; maximum 6’11”

Estimated Average Weight: 120-180 lbs

Estimated Average Lifespan: 5000+ years

Assumed Language Fluency: Elven, Draconic

Little is known about the Etmalin except that they are to the Drow what the Eladrin are to the Elves. Their numbers are much smaller in comparison to their Eladrin cousins, but their magical power is unbelievably awesome and they are considered masters of the magical arts before they are even seen performing them.

It is known that they worship Lolth, but it is still not clear if they worship Zehir like the Drow do, or if they give praise to any of the other gods.

It is assumed that they do not speak common as they do not communicate with the other races with any frequency.

Nothing else of import has been discovered so far.

They, as well as their Drow brothers, have not been seen in 50 years.

Category: Races


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