Population: 1,400,000
Main Imports: Armaments, wood, wool, meat
Main Exports: Wheat, corn, beans, other foodstuffs, crime, Paladins

Kessen is the eastern portion of the central region of Nilriel, bordering the eastern and souther edges of Dulagi Volcano. Kessen was home to the capital of the Human lands in Nilriel, the great city of Komicolai, which is now a great hub of trade for the Halflings.

Kessen, being centered between the Goliath-inhabited Nuutsen, Elvish lands of Ethis, the Suthis holdings of the Halflings, and the great merchant cites of Kwet, has grown into a great hub of commerce, the many races intermingling in the search for lands and goods for sale. Outside of the cities are roads that have been built over hundreds of years connecting even the smallest of populated places. The smooth lands make it perfect for farms, which cover the majority of the unforested tracts not already occupied by cities.

Though nearly every race is prevalent in Kessen, there are some exceptions. For Dwarves looking to trade, Kwet tends to be their destination. Gnomes are also known for their dislike of big cities, many of which sprawl across Kessen. Kobolds are also more likely to be near their mountainous holdings in Doddin’s Line or Watsa.

Due to the massive cities, poverty is also prevalent. Tieflings and Humans like setting up Thieves Guilds and organizing the other criminals in the city into one large group, roughing up or killing those who don’t play by their rules. Guilds focus only on a single city and don’t communicate with other guilds, though thieves moving between cities are known to have ways to make it clear to the denizens of the seedier parts of the city that they are visiting from another guild. Crime is higher in larger cities and in the region as a whole, with the level and frequency of crimes committed getting smaller as one gets deeper into other territories.

In response to the rising crime rates of Kessen have been Paladin Orders devoted to stopping lawbreakers. Dragonborn tend to start these orders, but their members can be of any race (though they are notoriously low on Human and Tiefling inductees). Branches of these orders pop up in other cities, spreading well beyond the borders of Kessen and leaking into even the smallest villages and towns or Suthis.


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