Nilriel and Astran are full of many languages spoken by the various races. In Nilriel, the most frequently spoken language is referred to simply as ‘common,’ and in Astran the most common language is Orcish. Below is a breakdown of languages and races that commonly speak them.

Abyssal – Spoken by demons. Gnolls also speak a very basic version of Abyssal.

Common – The common language of Nilriel, created by Humans. Native to Humans, Halflings, Tieflings, and usually Half Elves. Is frequently spoken by Dragonborn, Dwarves, Elves, Eladrin, Gnolls, Half Orcs, and Kobolds.

Deep Speech – Commonly spoken by intelligent monsters such as Mind Flayers.

Draconic – The native tongue of Dragons and Dragonborn. Koblish is a language that branches off from Draconic.

Dwarven – A.K.A. ‘Dwarvish,’ A.K.A. ‘Kahrgli,’ is the native language of Dwarves and Duergar. ‘Dwarven’ is technically the Common name for it, while ‘Kahrgli’ is the proper name.

Elven – A.K.A. ‘Elvish,’ is the natural language of Elves, Eladrin, Drow, and Etmalin (Elf is a native Elven word, unlike how Dwarf is a Common word). Several types of intelligent forest creature also speak Elven such as Dryads.

Giant – Spoken by Giants, ogres, and Goliaths.

Goblin – A variation of Orcish, but different enough to warrent a separate category. It is spoken by Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears.

Infernal – Spoken by demons and devils. While Abyssal and Supernal are spoken by higher level beings, less intelligent demons and devils speak Infernal.

Koblish – The native language of Kobolds. Koblish is a variation of Draconic and most Draconic speakers can at least get a general sense of what is being said.

Orcish – Native tongue of the Orcs, taught to them by Gruumsh. Is also commonly spoken by Half Orcs, Hoborcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and any slaves they may have.

Primordial – Spoken by creatures with deep ties to magic and the elements, such as elementals, archons, genies, and efreets.

Supernal – The divine language, it is spoken by angels, devils, and gods, though each god is capable of speaking whatever language they desire.

There are also dozens of minor languages that are offshoots of these, but they are understandable so long as you know the language it branched from. There are also different languages spoken on the other continents, but they are not pertinent at this time.

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