Mercenary Company

A mercenary company is a group of mercenaries who work and fight together. There is generally one leader of a mercenary company, usually called a Captain, but he can have Lieutenants, Sergeants, Wardens, or whatever he chooses to call his trusted officers. These officers can take care of some of the affairs that a captain normally would, such as sorting, training, hiring, and arming mercenaries for their company, as well as dishing out pay when the time comes.

Thousands of mercenary groups exist. Some have their own symbol, uniform, and regalia, while some are a company only in name.

A player cannot extend his mercenary company beyond a certain size until he has enough fame to do so.

Known Mercenary Companies:

Beasts of Prey (Players’ company)

Dragonfury Company

The Bluemist Alliance

Clan Centaur

Mercenary Company

The Second Fury of Gruumsh Meadhands