The Dark War

Start Date: Year 3147 of the White Age

The Dark War was so named by the Elves, as their and the Dwarves’ “Dark” cousins, the Drow and Duergar respectively, were the enemies. The Dark War would be a pivotal point for improved relationships between the Dwarves and Elves and would also see the creation of the first ever Dwarven battlemages.

Most of the battles in the Dark War took place in the Nilrien region of Ethis, though fighting spread to Kessen late in the year 3150. Humans joined the war at this point due to the threat presented to their homeland, giving the Dwarves and Elves a much needed boost to their military power. The Elves were indignant at the Humans late arrival into the fray and subsequent glory-hogging, but the Dwarves were deeply honored by the assistance. Relations would improve between the Humans and Dwarves. The Dark War is considered one of the key factors in the formation of the Human/Dwarf alliance in the early Red Age.

Though the Elves are not certain of the precise reason for the cause of the war, they have attributed it to the usual: their cousins’ unabashed hatred of them and coveting of their forests. No one is quite sure how the Drow and Duergar came to be allied, either.

Kobolds would rise to prominence due to the Dark War. They chose to side with the Drow and Duergar and were promised large tracts of Doddin’s Line in return for their assistance. They supplied materials to be forged into weapons and warriors to help with the fighting. Their largest contribution, however, was that of their shamans, whose magic was unknown to the Elves and caught them completely by surprise.

At the end of the war, the Humans and Dwarves wished to punish the Kobolds for their siding with the enemy, but the Elves saw greater wisdom is rewarding the wayward race. They spoke with the Dwarves to find if there was unused land or depleted mines that they would be willing to give up. The Dwarves found the idea of giving the Kobolds depleted mines hysterical and agreed, believing it to be a form of insult. The Humans presented the idea to the Kobolds, who were surprisingly ecstatic and who would praise the Humans as merciful saviors thenceforth, having erroneously given them credit for the idea. The Eladrin swiftly began their study of Koboljin magic.

The end of the Dark War would also signal the end of the White Age and the beginning of the Red Age; the finding of a new ally in the Kobolds and the defeat of two of their enemies was enough for the Elves to consider it an important enough point in history to declare a new age.

The Dark War

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