The Second Fury of Gruumsh

Table of Contents

Where do you want to go? When would you like to be?

Announcement: After consulting with the party, I’ve decided to stop making such detailed updates to the adventure log. Each log takes me half as long as the session itself did to write, and that is just too much time, especially when I need to keep tracks of battle stats, statistics, make maps, enemies, missions, and items, and try to work each character’s personality and backstory into the games I make. In the end, it was just too much of a hassle. I will likely still update the missions here, but the entries will be shorter and will not involve dialogue, just brief summaries of the battle. If I feel the need to write something here, it will be a ‘scene,’ if anything. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading the logs so far. -The DM

Entry Campaign Date
Hlevisbard 433R7M
Goblin Crypt Fortwint 433R8M
Scene: Intermission 433R8M
The Bandit Forest Fort 433R14M
Scene: Edelton Prison 433R15M
The Mysterious Garden 433R6N
Scene: Celebrating Moradin’s Day 433R8N
Scene: A Disrupted Peace 433R15N
The Cult of Lolth, Part 1 433R20N
The Cult of Lolth, Part 2 433R1O
Scene: A Budding Captain 433R1O
Adventures Underfoot New icon 2 433R2O
The Mage’s House New icon 2 433R5O



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