Pantheon: Order

Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender Portrayal: Male

Other Names: Earth Father, Creator of the Dwarves, Dwarven Highfather, The High Smith

Moradin is commonly known as the god of creation (that is to say the creation of objects and items, not time and space), the guardian of the home, the creator and protector of the Dwarven race, and the patron of artisans, miners, and smiths. Less commonly known, he is the creator of strong metals such as mithril and adamantium, and also crafts the mortal vessels that the gods use when they wish to walk upon Aden. Many erroneously give him credit for crafting the mountains because the mountains are the homes of the Dwarves; in truth, Bahamut is the accomplisher of that task. Shrines to Moradin are very common in Dwarven tunnels, rarely being seen elsewhere. Those that do crop up elsewhere are in places with heavy emphasis on crafting, such as great smithies , furnaces, and factories.

Dwarves worship Moradin, period. There is no such thing as a Dwarf that fails to honor Moradin. This includes their dark cousins, the Duergar. Moradin is their creator, protector, and father; turning their back on him would be unconscionable. A small number of those of other races whose livelihoods depend upon craftsmanship in one form or another will worship Moradin, though it is well known that he is partial to the Dwarves.

The holy capital for those wishing to pray to Moradin is called Moradinka, literally “Moradin’s Home” in Dwarvish, currently under Duergar control. While the Duergar did destroy much of their Dwarven brother’s homes, Moradinka was left completely intact. It is known to have many carvings of Moradin’s bearded Dwarven visage on the grand walls and pillars.

Moradin’s prophets and mouthpieces are Dwarven and Duergar Clerics, exclusively. There has anything other than a Dwarf or Duergar acting as a mouthpiece for Moradin, and he only speaks to those who devote themselves to him as fully as the clerics do. No Dwarf would ever falsely claim to be his mouthpiece, and no one would believe a Human, Elf or any other race that made that claim, so Moradin needs not bother himself with squashing false prophets.

Those who earn Moradin’s ire are the enemies of the Dwarven people, but those who are the enemies of the Dwarves have angered Moradin. It is difficult to do either, but it has dire consequences. Generally, one is not considered the enemy of the Dwarves unless they fight both Duergar and Dwarf with equal zeal, killing them indiscriminately. Typically only those of Chaotic Evil alignment accomplish this.

A player that earns the wrath of Moradin will be shunned by both Dwarf and Duergar. If their crimes are bad enough, they will be attacked by Dwarves on sight. Neither Dwarf nor Duergar will ever join the player’s party, for doing so would alienate them from Moradin.

There is no appeasing Moradin or, vicariously, the Dwarves. Once you have made him an enemy, only an act of world-changing magnitude would ever make him even consider forgiveness.

How the Humans Offended Moradin

In the Red Age, the Humans held alliance with the Dwarves, specifically with the united clans of Doddin’s Line. Militarily, they were supposed to support the Dwarves during their fight against the Duergar, who frequently invaded in hopes of claiming Moradinka and the other Dwarven halls. However, at the Battle of Red Gulley, a decisive conflict, the Humans made a promise of support that they failed to keep, causing a loss much larger than the Dwarves would have suffered had they not been expecting support. As such, their soldiers were scattered and their homes claimed. The gods, however far seeing they may be, are not omnipotent, and Moradin was unable to quell the slaughter.

Moradin is one of great temper, but he is also reasonable; he is aware that not all of the Humans are to blame for the heavy losses on his favored children, but this did not keep him from raging against them. Moradin is said to have been one of the driving factors behind the beginning of the Fury of Gruumsh.

When [he Fury of Gruumsh was unleashed, Moradin saw the slaughter of the Humans and, being reminded of the slaughter of the Dwarves, became disgusted with and ashamed of his own petty anger. Humans have since become again a non-issue for him.

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